Insta Cooling Band

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Product Description

Insta Cooling Band will always cool you down this summer!

Expels heat from the body: As your body overheats it generates perspiration that evaporates with air movement, naturally cooling your body temperature. Insta Cooling Band vastly multiplies that natural, evaporate cooling process so you don’t have to perspire. Perfect for jobsites, exercise & fitness, outdoor activities, on the road, and more!

As your body heats up, a special heat wicking fabric inside 31 superconductive fins draws heat away from the body, replacing it with the refreshing coolness. Lowering your body temperature so you stay cooler.

Easy to use: All you need do is spray it or soak it with water, and then put it around your neck. Immediately, you will feel the cool sensation, a sensation which helps your whole body feel more comfortable especially when it is hot out. 

Perfect fit for everyone: Indoors, outdoors, at home, or on the job, Insta Cooling Band will keep you cool this summer!

No fans, batteries or refrigeration: Simply wet it, slip it and feel cool!