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Do you love good deals? Would you like a beautiful garden? Then today is your lucky day because I'm about to offer you a great deal on a garden tool that will transform your garden. In fact, this is the greatest deal we've ever offered since we launched our store in 2017. You'll definitely want to find more about this deal and read everything here.

Before we tell you the details about our deal... watch the video below:


Would you like to get free Garden Genie Gloves? Good! Here's the details about the deal:

You'll get a FREE pair of Garden Genie Gloves (one of our best selling garden tools and $15 value) when you purchase a cordless garden trimmer. In addition, you'll get 50% off the trimmer and free standard shipping if you buy it in the next 60 minutes.

Wait, there's more. If you buy the trimmer today at Wonder Island Deals, you get to TRY it for 60 days. Not happy with the trimmer? Simply send it back to us in any conditions and you'll get a FULL refund (we'll not deduct any money... even a penny from the refund.) without any questions.

Best of all, you still get to keep the gloves even if you decide to return the trimmer for a refund. This is our way of saying thanks for trying the trimmer and sorry for disappointing you. We hope this is a fair deal for you and us, and accept our offer today.

Do you want to get this deal now? Here's what you need to do: Click or tap this link and add the product to cart. Then complete the checkout in next 60 minutes.

Here's the important thing to note: You must enter the coupon code ggbonus during the checkout (or email us and let us know that you're the special customer at BEFORE we ship the order.) Unless you let us know before we ship the order or use the coupon code during the checkout process, we won't be able to offer you this deal. So be sure to follow the instructions. Thank you for your time and looking forward to sending you a free pair of the gloves.

PS: Your friends, family and co-workers are also eligible for this deal. Simply give them the coupon code and ask them to enter the coupon code during the checkout.