About Wonder Island Deals

Welcome to Wonder Island Deals - the store where you can buy practical tools and gadgets to make your life convenient at affordable prices.

My name is Nick Shin and I'm an entrepreneur and digital marketer who lives in Staten Island, NY. I named this store as Wonder Island Deals because I live in Staten Island and I think Staten Island is a wonderful place (I call the island wonder island... the island gives me a great place to live close to New York City) and I bring the incredible deals for the practical tools you'll find useful.

Why Wonder Island Deals?

This store is dedicated to helping the consumers find the practical tools to make their lives convenient. You can buy literally anything online. The sad reality is many online stores sell and promote the stuff people actually don't need. Not at Wonder Island Deals. You'll find the only useful stuff here. Don't believe what I say? Please give a chance to prove. Browse the store and shop the store.